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Samstag 30. Juli 2022 (10화 3320-3500 바빌론베를린) ㄱ: Wolter, I've been looking for you. ㅇ: Hey, Böhm. All well? ㄱ: A simple question. What were you and your friend from Cologne doing at the Pepita Bar on Thursday? ㅇ: We yodeled. With all the frills. ㄱ: Wipe that grin off your face. Answer my question! ㅇ: We had a drink. ㄱ: With Saint Josef? ㅇ: Saint Josef? At Pepita? Nope. ㅁ: Hey, Jänicke, I deciphered the telegram. *** decipher: convert, break..
바빌론베를린 10화 영문 Previously on Babylon Berlin. The dead man belonged to a Russian resistance organization. The 15 bodies from the pine forest were all members of this Red Fortress. Inspector Rath has found a freight document which implicates the group in a politically charged smuggle case. How did you know about this freight yard? For years I have been trying to free my family's treasure from Stalin's claws. You..
바빌론베를린 9화 영문 Previously on Babylon Berlin. -I could work at the slaughterhouse. -No way. He should find work. Why doesn't the little one go if I can't find work? Are you nuts? Toni goes to school. That's why we go to work. Calm down. I'm still here. You must make sure that this train doesn't cause any kind of publicity. My name is on the freight papers. There is phosgene in those wagons. A banned chemical wa..
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