Dienstag 26. Juli 2022

Breathe very calmly.

Breathe in... and out.

Don't try to put your thoughts into order.

Just let them go.

And breathe in very deeply...

and out.

And when I say "now"

you will open your eyes.


Yes, close your eyes again.

Good. Good.

And now delve twice as deeply

into your relaxed state than before.

Take your time.

I will now take you back...

to the source.

To the source of your fear.

I... will guide you...

step by step.

Step by step...

all the way to the source of your fear.

To the truth.

You are in Cologne.

In your hometown.

It is the summer

shortly before you are drafted.

There is your father.

You long for the war so much,

you're dying to finally go away

and leave everything behind you.

There is the woman you love.

But something keeps you apart from her.


Every photo, film, can, everything.

You're in charge.

We mustn't lose any detail.


-And who are you?

-The carpenter.

-Who's that supposed to be?

-Jesus' father, of course.

Look, God's also in it.

And the Virgin Mary, the boy

with the curly hair, everyone's here.

Mr. König.

Paragraph 118. Art is free.

You will have to prove I'm not an artist.

A rat is what you are.

And you're a bluebottle.

Can't ever get rid of you, huh?

Too much shit stuck on you.

No offense,

but we can't let him get away with that.

We're not done here.


That's untypical. Sandor is never late.

Times change.

-What's that supposed to mean?

-Your brother's reliability has waned.

More precise, please.

You deliver 35,000 bottles of arrack

per year.

I supply the entire city,

you remain silent,

I pay you well, we could all be happy.


-There have been complaints

about the quality of the alcohol.

More and more often.

Then I had them investigate

and made an interesting discovery.

What is this?

I don't drink arrack with my octopus.


Your good, thoroughly honest

and very punctual Sandor

simply swapped your fine brew

for cheap booze.

Did he think I wouldn't notice?

Did he think the fine tongues

of our guests would fail?

Even though the tongue

is the most sensitive

and has the best blood supply

of all human sensory organs.

Where is Sandor?

What's with the whimpering?

Mr. Kardakov, please.

One, two, one, two, three.

Thank you.

The tongue...

is unique.

A small miracle of nature.

Which is why it is also a delicacy.

Where is my brother?

Dr. Schmidt is outside.

Enjoy your octopus, Mr. Gosztony.


I don't want to waste your valuable time.

Oh, please. How can I help?

I have been told that our mutual friend

is doing business for his own account.



He put one film aside.

The man is endangering

our entire operation.

I'll deal with it.



How could you let this happen?

You knew König.

You were sent here because

you've been trailing this guy for weeks.

You must have known what he's capable of.

The inspector has not acted negligently...

Nobody is asking you, Wolter!

You interrogated him yesterday.

Together with the chief inspector.

Yesterday afternoon.

-And the wounds?


This file here says that König arrived

at the detention center with injuries.

How come?

He tried to resist arrest by escaping.

Please excuse us, gentlemen.


This is my train, my goods

which I ordered and have paid for.

If German customs don't release

the goods immediately,

this will have consequences,

you dilettante.

But the Russians gave us hell...

The train is from Russia.

The Russians loaded it.

Don't give me that garbage. Wegener.

-Tell me what's going on.

-I'm afraid it's the Russians.

-Told you so.

-What about them? What do they want?

They want to check the freight.

Until this is resolved,

the Soviet Union has a legal claim

on the contents of the train.

How is this possible?

They suspect we were smuggling something.

From Russia, here?

I'm sure we can clear this up.

Come on, let's check the details.

Now I have to justify myself only because

some obscure Communists claim something.

Hello, Mr. Nyssen.

Have you met? The People's Deputy Trokhin

from the Soviet Embassy.


Mr. Nyssen, please don't misunderstand

our intervention.

We don't want to stop the exchange

of goods between our countries.

-But you are doing just that.

-There is one wagon on this train

which has a different freight

than the others.

Just one single one.

What does it contain?

My government

hasn't authorized me to tell you.

At the moment, it's only a suspicion.

All this fuss because of a suspicion?


-Do you know what this freight is worth?

Each day that the train sits here

costs a fortune.

If suspicion is not enough for you...

you can go to the police.

Which wagon is it?

Just tell us the wagon number.

I am here to find that out.




Where were you last night?

I didn't find you.

I thought you weren't coming back.

I had no idea where you had gone.

Have you slept?

Come on, then.

-Berta, where's the Widow?


-May I interrupt?

-You already have.

I won't be long. This is Greta.


-Comes highly recommended.

I'm interested.

She should take a shower first.

The showers at the Palace

are out of order, hence the request.

Vocal chords are in working order, yeah?

Hello, Madam.

Don't you Madam me.

You may well be a beauty,

but I can't see what's underneath.

-Can we borrow from the wardrobe?

-You do that anyway.

Come on.

-Impress me, children.

-We will.

You get three marks per visit.

You'll be able to take a room by tomorrow.

And you can borrow the clothes.

You just have to return them.

You have to wash them, but...

you can take what you like.


I can't do this.

But Greta, you're beautiful.

But I can't do this.

But why not?

I promise, it's not that bad.

You can choose the guys.

If you don't like them, you rebuff them.

That's how it works.

Is it inflamed?

A little.

It's OK.

We'll find something for you.


Come here.

Everything will be alright.


I really tried everything.

More is not possible.

I'd ask at the film lab,

where they store the negatives.

They do?

See the right-hand bottom corner,

near the perforation?

It's cheap material.

The film's positive,

the snippet you found,

with which it was developed.


-The material

was imported from Yugoslavia, from Zagreb.

I asked around. If I may?

Of course.

The only film lab

where they sometimes use Rodacor is Geyer.

-Where is that?

-In Neukölln.

It's a big shop.

-Does that help you?


Thank you for your efforts.


Hello, I'd like a Cologne number.

13-0-8. Thank you.


Helga, it's me.


-Can you talk?

Yes, of course. Did something happen?

I just wanted to get in touch.

I had a strange dream.

Of Anno.

I mean, of his Trakehner horse.





I miss you so much.

Why don't you come here?

Come to Berlin.

But I can't just do that.

No one would give a damn about us.

-How do you mean?

-I mean...

It would be nice to have you here.

You mean, you and I

and two beers at Tiergarten,

at night dancing at Resi's

and breakfast at Krumme Lanke?

"Everyone once in Berlin."

"Everyone once in Berlin."

Oh, that would be nice.

But it's not that simple.


You're right. It was a silly idea.

I have to go now.

Have you seen this?


First of all you need to dust the library.

But be careful.

Many of the tomes are very valuable.


And then, like we said, a basic cleaning.

First the stairs,

then the skirting boards, then the floors,

take the rugs out and beat them.

Then do the silver like I showed you.

You were able to shine it so wonderfully.

Children, get into the taxi.

Dinner at 8 p.m. Cheese and salad,

as always, cucumber,

but no pickles, they're too salty.

And Greta?

I know he will ask for it,

but he mustn't have meat.

Not even ham or cold meats.

Dr. Hutten has emphasized it again.

So, no exceptions.

Tell him there is nothing in the house

and that I prepared the dinner,

-so he won't get the wrong idea. Yes?


And now I'll leave you alone.

Right, my dears, off we go.

Please go.


Nice dress.


I need to be back for half past seven.

Matter of honor.

Eight at the latest,

when the old man comes home.

Young man, remember,

last trip back in 60 minutes.

If you're not here on time,

you and your girl will have to swim.

Please get in, ladies and gentlemen.

Tickets, please.

The way here was free,

the return trip is double the price.


Who could have done that?

The Soviet secret service?

That would be my assumption.

-Gennat, what do you think?

-Formidable evidence.

Ballistics will tell us more

in a few hours.


apart from the Russians,

only the Swedes use large-calibre weapons.

For shooting elks.

There are no elks in Berlin.

This is sensitive, politically speaking.

I don't care about politics.

I'm a simple detective.

I've got 15 murders here,

that's no trifling matter.

What you make of my findings politically

is up to you.

But we share the same goal.

We want the perpetrators.


Mr. Rath.

The Councillor tells me

you're on this case?

So put a squad together. Get to work.


Fifteen bodies.

Only one was missing: Alexey Kardakov.

See? You know the deal.

That's why I would like you

to be my assistant.

So, are you in?

Inspector, I'm honored, but...


I know someone

who knows this case a lot better than me.

-But I want you.

-Yes, but...

-But all I know, I know from...

-If I wanted Charlotte Ritter,

I would have asked her.

So, can I count on you?


-You've been to the printer's shop.


Anything conspicuous?

Well, the 'print king.'

A freight paper.