Samstag 30. Juli 2022 (10화 3320-3500 바빌론베를린)

[PC용][독+영] 바빌론베를린 10화_3320-3500.docx
[PC용][독+영] 바빌론베를린 10화_3320-3500.docx


ㄱ: Wolter, I've been looking for you.

ㅇ: Hey, Böhm. All well?


ㄱ: A simple question. What were you and your friend from Cologne doing at the Pepita Bar on Thursday?


ㅇ: We yodeled. With all the frills.


ㄱ: Wipe that grin off your face. Answer my question!


ㅇ: We had a drink.


ㄱ: With Saint Josef?


ㅇ: Saint Josef? At Pepita? Nope.


ㅁ: Hey, Jänicke, I deciphered the telegram.

*** decipher: convert, break, solve, translate


ㅇ: You? On your own?


ㅁ: Czerwinsky has been a master of Russian since he was born.


ㅁ: I am Balt, so I am masterful.


ㅇ: Uncle just passed the border, present on its way to Berlin.


ㅁ: Inspector Rath should get this today.


ㄱ: Deputy inspector Jänicke. Where is your superior?


ㅇ: Pardon?


ㄱ: Your superior, where is he?


ㅇ: Out.


ㄱ: How dare he interfere with my case? Tell him he is in for it tomorrow morning. Nine o'clock at Gennat's.


ㅁ: Always refreshing, is Böhm.


ㅇ: I think I should let the inspector know.


ㅁ: Take it to his home tonight.


ㅇ: To Wolter's?


ㅁ: The police estate, opposite the old Lux factory.