kein, keine, keinen, keinerlei? The difference is that, kein is used for neutral nouns, while keine applies to feminine and keinen should be used with masculine ones. "keinerlei" is just for emphasis. There is no difference between keinerlei and kein in meaning.
prefix "VER" to make an error (sich verschreiben, sich verlaufen, sich verirren) to change something (verzeihen, verschieben, verkaufen, vermieten, verbessern, verlängern, sich verlieben) to cause a damage (sich verletzen, jemanden verprügeln, jemanden verärgern) to add something, especially technically speaking (vergolden, verchromen) or it has no special meaning (Zeit verbringen, etwas vermeiden, sich verl..
'vor' preposition vor preposition before prep Der Spieler war vor seinem ersten Spiel nervös. The player was nervous before his first match. Vor Examen bin ich immer sehr nervös. I am always very tense before exams. from prep Ein Dach bietet Schutz vor Regen. A roof provides protection from rain. Das Gehäuse schützt die Uhr vor Staub. The housing protects the clock from dust. in front of prep Sie genießt es, vor ..
'Ich hab' vs 'Ich habe' LoveLingua1 it happens in every language, that you swallow letters when you talk fast. It's like when you say "I'm gonna" instead of "I am going to", which is much longer and thus takes you more time and effort to say it. Or even if you'd (you would. Do you see? You're (again!) doing this in English all the time, too) translated the..
5 ways to translate the German word ‘man’ Sometimes certain German words have many meanings in English depending on the context in which you use them. For example, the German word man. The German pronoun “man” is used a lot in German. It is one of the false friends because it doesn’t mean ‘man’ (which is ‘der Mann’ in German). Instead it means ‘one’ as in ‘one is not..
Die man?? The Pronoun "man" The meaning of "man" A trick is to translate man as "one". You can understand this better with a couple of examples: Man kauft Dinge, die man nicht braucht One buys things that he doesn’t need Kann man hier rauchen? Can one smoke here? Grammar Man is not declined (it doesn’t change) and only can be used in the nominative singular.